Mystic Peach - Wanna Be My Daddy?

Wanna Be My Daddy? is an eery welcome to the world of Southampton grunge-rock trio, Mystic Peach.

The track follows two prior singles, Across The Pond and The Eye And The Twitch, the two of which have led to vital tastemaker support, putting the band very much on the map.

Wanna Be My Daddy? finds the band fusing a clash of psych and garage rock guitars with contrasting, gritty grunge tones; creating an eery and chaotic experience which wouldn’t go amiss for fans of The Blinders.

Speaking about the track, singer Curtis Gale explains: “'Wanna Be My Daddy?' is a story of experience about how the comfort in your own sexuality can be threatening to certain people. Small town mentality, prying eyes and assumptions giving rise to the purest form of irony. The questions, the staring and unsubstantiated accusations can go unnoticed even in your busy life. But when people go out of their way to make sure you know, what are you meant to do? I guess this shows how I feel.”