Nadia Sheikh - Fire Away

The sad girls of indie have had quite the year this year – from folklore to Punisher, there’s been no shortage of moody, atmospheric guitar-driven tracks to have an existential crisis to. Nadia Sheikh fits perfectly amongst their ranks, and her newest single Fire Away is a prime example. Though perhaps less existential and more pure angst, the track is a rousing excuse to let your troubles go as you screech along.

Fire Away is an ambitious exemplar of how to make an indie rock song – it straddles the line between retrospective and completely euphoric beautifully. It’s completely anthemic. What she refers to as her “love song to the crowd, Fire Away makes you miss live music more than ever before. Sheikh’s vocals are raw yet refined, and paired with the feverish guitar, they craft something absolutely blissful. Fire Away is both effervescent and completely haunting, and a track that will resonate with the masses as we eagerly await the return of gigs.