Neda makes a stunning debut with coming of age breakup track 'Good Intentions'

Credit: Joseph Clarke

Neda’s debut, ‘Good Intentions’, is the stunning coming of age banger heartbreak addicts have been missing.

Her good first impression is the heartbreak of a last meeting, with ‘Good Intentions’ being tinged with the pain of separation relatable to any high school couple faced with university. Knowing your worth is the ultimate salve for a broken heart and Neda has gifted us the breakup song we’ve been missing - for those who know they’re the right person ending a wrong turn relationship.

Wistfully paying homage to her Goldsmiths alumni roots, she sings ‘You’re three hours away now, studying your heart out, while I’m still in New Cross’. Her music is equal part nostalgia and newness, tapping into the Sad, Bad Bitches taking the mainstream like Phoebe Bridgers and Japanese Breakfast whilst achieving timeless class. Neda describes making music as a therapeutic second nature, saying of Good intetnions that it’s about “the importance of communication and being transparent and open about how you feel”.