Nicky William - Pathetic Fuck

Pathetic Fuck is the newest single from Americana inspired Nicky William. It’s funky, slightly strange, and a bit weird but who doesn’t want that?

Let’s talk about the title, Pathetic Fuck, it is simply brilliant. There is no way of forgetting that. Nicky is known for ingenious musical mastery and innovative thinking.

The release is unforgettably weird and wonderful. It is embellished with peculiar instrumentation and has deep experimentation, dissimilar to anything else in the upcoming music scene, making it evident that Williams has no intention of following any ‘band-wagon’.

Nicky himself has an iconically magnificent deep-voice that not many artists can nail so professionally. The lyrics are straight forward and really quite amusing, In essence, Pathetic Fuck is a song telling you to get your shit together.

Nicky William has a genius talent that is uncommon to see at such a high level, he is someone that will make you excited for his new releases as you won’t know quite what to expect.