NOISY - Where's Your Head?

NOISY are not a band that tends to wallow in pithiness or sit around waiting for things to happen. The abrasive trio have crafted a catalogue of punchy, genre-blurring bangers that highlight the best of today’s adventurous British artists, taking influence from the likes of Slowthai and Yungblud, who the band will be supporting next spring. Their latest track, Where’s Your Head?, is another example of their sound-hopping tendencies, showing the group’s incredible versatility.

It’d need to be something special if you’re going to crib a title from one of the biggest hits from one of dance music’s most influential icons, Basement Jaxx. Luckily, Noisy are more than up to it, taking on their electronic tropes to match their more in-your-face attitude, forming a clashing bedrock of whirring noises, blaring beats, and chaotic instrumentation.

Where the band marks out their own distinction is the considerate, empathetic subject matter of the lyrics. An energetic and buoyant ode to being there for your friends, the lyrics look at how you can understand your friend’s problems and what they’re going through, and how you can be there for them. It’s no wonder the track was written during the height of the pandemic.

Where’s Your Head? is a head-banging tune that’s both fun and poignant, creating an atmosphere of energy while delivering a simple but strong message. If only we’d all been as productive during lockdown.