Nudista release somber new single 'Confess'

Credit: Maite de Orbe

Dream-pop duo Nudista have shared the wistfully somber single ‘Confess’. The song plays like an enchanting and melancholic poem, with the lyrics clearly coming from the heart.

The lyricism encapsulates the struggles of 21st century life, the feelings of being overwhelmed and unsure. Lead singer Pilar’s vocals embodies the lyricism, you can hear her pain and stress in every line she vocalises.

Speaking on the track, Pilar states “We are all kind of improvising and accepting all of these strange rules that we all need to follow just because we are alive. And that’s it’s okay to feel lost and confused, eventually you start taking things less seriously and it’s been proven if we stop a bit things can become less overwhelming.” A truly beautiful sentiment indeed.

Despite the song being on a more somber note, the mesmerising duo create a calming ambience with their music, making the messages they are conveying seem almost less daunting. ‘Confess’ is a song that as a listener, you can play hundreds of times over and not get bored of – a journey of sincerity and vulnerability.