Nuha Ruby Ra - Sparky

Fresh from having signed to Brace Yourself Records, Nuha Ruby Ra has released a smouldering new single, ‘Sparky', a petulant and unflinching ode to past love.

In brash, bored tones Nuha details a failed romance founded on sizzling chemistry, never veering into the trappings of wistful lament that litter songs of similar themes. Her love is no less colourful for being past, no more flat for being dead; her crystal edged punk resurrects the glory of sexual conquest, jettisoning the image of the lovelorn woman. Her vocals are accompanied by frighteningly triumphant synths that herald her as queen. At one moment in the song, these vocals are twisted into the sickeningly sweet lisp of a Disney princess - she asks you "do you like me talking to you like this?", the question at once both a challenge and a taunt. By degrees she patronises and coaxes the listener; this is the voice of dominance. And, gaining quick momentum and an array of fans from winning the Green Man Rising competition, it won’t be long before she dominates the music industry too.