Odd Morris - Cold Water

Taking influence from Dublin’s guitar-rich sound, yet adding a distorted, dark twist, Irish four-piece Odd Morris are one of the latest to breakthrough from the city’s thriving music scene. Today they share new single Cold Water, two days ahead of a sold out hometown headline at Whelan’s.

The track portray’s frontman Darragh Griffin’s idealistic views of romance through a gradually intensifying beat and layered guitar work, creating a dark, almost menacing atmosphere which sets the quartet apart from their fellow Dublin breakthroughs. Lyrically, Cold Water is split into two halves, exploring the unease of the vulnerability which comes with a committed relationship, before embracing the uncertainty of allowing the guard to drop.

“I just tried to explain what that felt like,” Daragh explains, "and, to me, it was a shock to the system - like how people suddenly gasp in shock when they hit cold water”.

Odd Morris’ ability to tell a story both lyrically and sonically is that of a band capable of selling out venues way beyond their hometown.