Olivia Rafferty - When You Walk In

When You Walk In is the debut single from the angelically-voiced Olivia Rafferty.

From the first listen, in fact from the first few seconds of the song, it is crystal-clear that Olivia’s voice is heaven-sent. Her soft, delicate vocals epitomise the word heavenly. Simply put, they are soothing and celestial.

Calming guitar paired with easing drums creates a perfect background for such a pacifying song. When You Walk In is simple yet effective. There is nothing too fancy about it, but you wouldn’t there to be. The candour displayed creates the perfect ethereal aura.

The lyrics themselves are divine. They are lighthearted and romantic, a feeling of warmth will undoubtedly consume the listener when When You Walk In is played, with the idea behind the release being that of falling in love and finding a little unknown piece of yourself in the process.

If you want relieving listening, give Olivia Rafferty a go.