Origami Tsunami - Urgency

Post-rock, math-rock, panic-rock? Imagine what you’d get if Paramore’s Decode was about the episode of Peep Show where Mark’s on his laptop in the strip club. Successfully capturing the blind panic of a deadline that won’t quit, Manchester’s Origami Tsunami are excitingly present with their third single.

A welcome throwback to the 00’s beginnings of bands like Foals, Origami Tsunami keep a guitar structure that lets them play with a Bombay Bicycle Club indie vibe while keeping a traditional rock sound. The third single from the five-piece, Urgency is the clearest yet in establishing their identity, and marks a band with a pit ready and waiting to happen whenever it can.

With its unique point of view and distinctive sound, I can see this being the first defining single for this band – one they’ll hopefully keep in the line-up as their ‘first big hitter’ for a while yet. A fun start for these Manchester rockers.