Pace - Strange Secrets

Pace have released their third single Strange Secrets, a track teeming with blissful, peaceful ambiance with its intoxicating and elated guitar riffs despite the more melancholic lyrics attached.

The lyrics, discussing heartbreak, which cleverly contrasts the melody. While there’s a smidgen of typical indie sound, the top notes of Strange Secrets are delicately crafted to move the sound away from any stereotypes, giving the single a catchy chorus with a slight pop undertone.

Although musically, it is nothing too fancy, it is gracefully written and easily an impeccable song to having playing while appreciating a deliciously sunny day. The lyrics themselves are deeply authentic and relatable intertwined with guitar as backup vocals trickle in adding to the atmospheric sound.

Despite being newer to the scene, Pace are proving to produce delicately constructed music with a carefully constructed, gleeful semblance.