Paraffin - Black and Blue

Anthemic and catchy are the best two words to describe the newest release from PARAFFIN. Black and Blue is a balladic love song from the upcoming southern three-piece.

Black and Blue is a single exasperating heart-felt lyrics with an impassioned undertone, topped with emotional vocals. With PARAFFIN themselves describing the single as “a more evocative soundscape”. A very valid viewpoint as the single oozes sensuous irritation due to its passionate lyrics.

Despite the single only being the bands third release, the professionalism shown in the three-pieces instrumentation is undoubtedly immense. The middle eight in particular displays expressive performance with a magnificent guitar solo.

Black and Blue is a breakup anthem. A single to play loud in times of heartache. It is easily memorable and deeply relatable for many, showcasing the bands vulnerability.

It is evident that PARAFFIN have the ability to make a memorable mark in the music scene with their strong musical talent.