• Jay Landman

Parallax Skies - By The Time

Drawing influence from new romanticism, shoegaze and Britpop, Newcastle’s Parallax Skies have dropped By The Time: an anthemic, 80’s-infused alternative-rock treasure.

Featuring show-stopping vocals, atmospheric wah-wah guitar and a brilliantly subtle drums, the song draws you in through its ballad-esque verses, luring you into a false sense of security before the chorus hits with a powerful confidence that demonstrates Parallax Skies’ musical prowess.

The single carries a sound that brings to mind Echo & The Bunnymen, New Order and Elephant Stone, yet adheres to its own rules. No doubt the Geordie group have a wide range of musical influences that have worked their way into their material, inspiring them as they continue to craft their own musical identity as they reach ever-growing audiences both live and on record.

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