Paris Youth Foundation - Home Is Where The Heart Is

Following the news of their signing to Modern Sky UK, fast rising Liverpool indie-pop outfit Paris Youth Foundation have shared Home Is Where The Heart Is, the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album.

“Home Is Where The Heart Is is very much a love song at its core. It’s about that rare time in breakup, where you kind of don’t want to be sad or argue anymore. You just want to appreciate the time and the memories for what they were. It's about that person being home for the weekend and how a place and a person can take you back in time, and maybe just for one night you pretend you're still the same kids who fell in love all that time ago.” explains frontman Kevin Potter.

Teeming with vibrant atmosphere, and as polished and compelling as we’ve come to anticipate from any Paris Youth Foundation track, Home Is There The Heart Is is nothing short of a quality piece of indie pop. Bouncy, mesmerising hooks met with Potter’s soothing vocals and those addictive choruses which have become a vital part of each of the band’s releases make for high energy, easy listening.

If 2019's achievements weren't enough, Home Is Where The Heart Is does plenty to solidify Paris Youth Foundation as one of Liverpool's most exciting breakthroughs.