Paris Youth Foundation Return With Heartbreak Ballad 'The Back Seat'

Staying true to their polished, heartbreak-fuelled form, Liverpool indie-outfit Paris Youth Foundation have bounced back from their disrupted 2020 plans with a fresh taste of their soon to be announced debut album.

Taking us one step further into frontman Kevin Potter’s saga of lost love via driving, danceable beats and swirling guitar lines, ‘The Back Seat’ is yet another slice of melancholic pop bliss from the five piece.

Speaking of his broken-hearted lyricism, Kevin explains: “’The Back Seat’ is an upbeat sad song about two people getting to grips with being on their own, trying to hide their pain with drink and how drunk calling someone and hearing their voice mail at 4am makes you feel a little less alone. All those messages you've typed out, but never had the courage to send end with a sense of inevitability and the regrettable call being made in the taxi on the way home.”

While Paris Youth Foundation aren’t here to break ground, they’re a band who know exactly what they do best. Their nostalgic, heartwarming indie-pop makes for easy and comforting listening in a time when it’s needed most.