Paris Youth Foundation Share New Track 'Tomorrow'

Paris Youth Foundation continue on their journey toward a debut album with the release of new single, 'Tomorrow'.

Those familiar with the band will know to expect little outside the world of polished, heart-break fuelled anthems from Kevin Potter and co, and 'Tomorrow' is no different. The track sticks to the Paris Youth Foundation theme of euphoric and nostalgic guitar lines and huge, singalong ready choruses.

Speaking about the track, Kevin says: “Tomorrow is a song about living for Saturday night. It's about hoping tomorrow never comes so you don't have to deal with it. It’s a commentary on a post breakup night out and how we surround ourselves with all the wrong things to numb the pain. It's about how we use social media to lie to the world and smile through a screen even when we're broken inside.”

While we're still longing to discover what else the Liverpool outfit are capable of, 'Tomorrow' satisfies a hunger for late night indie anthems and solidifies the band's reputation as masters of the break-up song.