Phillipe Nash shares debut solo single 'Peel'

Philippe Nash has stepped out from under projects ‘Spiritcake’ and ‘A Sunbeam’ for is return as a solo artist, clarifying his new vision in the debut single ‘Peel’.

It’s a track of wavering minimalism that gradually crescendos into something more, held upright by its skeletal, acoustic guitar spine. Synths slowly gather like storm clouds as the track builds, swarming the track with rich textures. It’s a serious track, laced with elegiac tones as Nash laments the impact of human actions on the natural world. Importantly, it manages to sculpt its own mythology through Nash’s sky-high vocals and the gossamer guitar lines. His is a big voice emanating from the soft layers of the song, like that one person at the campfire sing along who’s much more accomplished than their amateurish friends.

“'Peel' is an exploration of my own struggles with anthropocentric ecocide,” explains Nash. “I didn't want to hold back on vulnerability or my poetic voice, while also wanted to retain this sense of self-awareness.” These harsh, complex themes are juxtaposed against the gentle sound of his vocals, but ever present in the darkly brooding nature of the instrumentals. The debut establishes him as an artist with big things on his mind.