Phoebe Green - Golden Girl

As predicted by the vast majority of ‘big in 2020’ lists, twenty-two year old Phoebe Green continues to make waves as one of the city’s strongest breakthough artists of recent years with the news of her debut EP, I Can’t Cry For You, set for release on 3rd December via Chess Club Records, and a brand new single.

Aptly titled for golden girl of the Manchester music scene, Golden Girl sees Phoebe come to acknowledge the sheer unattainability of perfection, once again displaying her exceptional ability to transform the the difficulties young womxn everywhere face on a daily basis into empowering, emotional pop.

“‘Golden Girl’ is about realising that being alone can be absolutely crucial when it comes to self growth. It’s about accepting the fact that total perfection is completely unattainable, so desperately trying to meet that standard in every aspect of my life - especially my relationships - will never not leave me feeling like I’ve failed. I had to just surrender to the fact that I’m a bit of a fucking nightmare from time to time, and pretending that part of me doesn’t exist is exhausting.”

She may describe feel like a nightmare from time to time, but Phoebe Green stands out from the masses as anything but.

(Photo Credit: Phoebe Phox)