Pink Laces speaks his mind on alluring new synth-pop number 'Paradigm'

Credit: Sarah Carpenter

‘Paradigm’ is the newest alluring and captivating release from Pink Laces.

The entirety of the singles 4 minutes and 40 seconds are graced with enchanting synth-pop. Despite being not overly complicated, the ‘less is more’ nature to the song adds to its entrancing quality. Towards the end of ‘Paradigm’, the song features a beautifully executed guitar solo performed by Pink Laces himself.

The meaning behind the lyricism is profoundly intense. Paradigm’s lyrics focus on the effects of peer pressure, family demands and the expectations from social media. These factors in turn can make one feel trapped.

Speaking on the track, Pink Laces says “Paradigm,’ for me, is like speaking my mind in a way I never have before and I think people can really relate to it. I think everyone’s been in a position where they feel they’re expected or pressured to be someone they’re not. It’s a song about breaking away from the so-called “perfect example” and just being me.”

This release is taken from Pink Laces forthcoming album ‘Disclosures’ which will be released later this year.