Pizzagirl - Cape Canaveral

Merseyside’s finest, Pizzagirl is back with his first new material since his acclaimed 2019 debut album First Timer. Out now via Heist or Hit, cape canaveral into what’s to come from the witty, confident, master of bedroom pop Liam Brown.

Led by a guitar based groove, cape canaveral sticks to the furiously infectious, 80s tinged pop we’ve come to know and love from Pizzagirl; but feels a little more restrained than Liam’s earlier releases.

That’s certainly not a bad thing though, as even when displaying a more confident and mature side to his songwriting, the track maintains the singalong, party scene fun which has become very much Liam’s own. cape canaveral’s chanted chorus and addictive beat make for yet another instantly loveable track from Pizzagirl; solidifying himself as a force to be reckoned with amongst Liverpool’s ever growing music scene.