Pizzagirl swaps heartbreak for nostalgia on endearing new cut 'sugar ray'

Credit: Kate Davies

Dazzling as ever, Pizzagirl has shared another appetite-whetting slice of his forthcoming second album, 'Softcore Mourn'.

The third single to be taken from the album, 'sugar ray' finds the Liverpool alt-popper casually surfing toward the release at his very best. Liam's ever-growing brand of warm and punchy melancholy pop is equal parts intimate and endearing - simultaneously offering a sense of comfort and nostalgia through observational lyricism and vibrant synths.

This time around, we find Liam steering away from his staple break up songs; instead reflecting on the nostalgic feeling that comes months after an ending, as he elaborates: “Here’s my third single “sugar ray” - not really a break up song this time, but from a moment a few months after perhaps. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think that you and that old flame from many phones ago still listen to that one really bad song from time to time, and maybe it’s this one. Who knows ? Be right back!”