PLASMAS capture carefree nostalgia on new single 'Always'

Credit: Rory Barnes

Dream-pop newcomers PLASMAS may be from Dundee, but with their bouncy, carefree new single 'Always' the five-piece transport us right back to the B-Town days of early JAWS and Swim Deep.

Arriving just in time for those serotonin-filled sun-soaked days, 'Always' injects a much needed sense of euphoria into 2021. It's an uplifting and nostalgic slice of jangle-pop easily capable of filling the space left by the infamous indie names of 2014 and seeing PLASMAS blossom into a key name on the breakthrough lists of 2021.

Sometimes when you’re writing you can spend a lot of time analysing the process,

tells lead vocalist Ross McQueen. “But this is one of the few times when everything

just fell into place effortlessly.

“Within an hour I’d written all the lyrics; they just came pouring out. It was one of those periods in life where everything seemed to be going smoothly, and I think the lyrics really reflect that kind of naive optimism where you know things won’t last forever but you’re fully committed to enjoying them while they last.