Plastic Glass - Going Away

Plastic Glass are the upcoming vibrant rockers hailing from Sunderland. Their newest single Going Away is an infectious and angry bop.

Going Away is simply anthemic, it’s the kind of song that you play on full blast at 3am when you’ve had a few drinks with your mates and you all know the lyrics. In short, it is catchy, unapologetic and energising.

The single is simple yet effective. However, the middle-eight does show off one hell of a pretty magnificent guitar solo. Lead vocalist, Lewis Conlin’s voice has the perfect indie-rock tone. Plastic Glass are showing themselves as exasperated and vivacious young musical talents.

Plastic Glass are set for success with their support from companies such as Scruff Of The Neck and This Feeling. Despite their live shows sadly being affected by covid, there is hope that 2021 will be their year.