Posh Chocolates - GAUDY

Following up their well received debut single, and a run of packed out live shows, Manchester’s Posh Chocolates, formed of Christian Ellery, Sam Osbourne and Robert Maguire-Jones are continuing their fast momentum with the release of their second single GAUDY.

“GAUDY came from a necessity to vent such an irrational qualm I had with the pretentious trends of the current social economy. Working at the time in the “trendy” hub of Manchester, I found myself bemused by the lengths that people would go to to be profoundly unique” Christian explains.

Built on choppy synths and groovy percussion layered with snares and cowbell, the track is a big step up from the trio’s debut. It’s a satirical track capable of appealing to the masses, but overall is a display of the copious confidence and knack for production which Posh Chocolates effortlessly possess.