Premium Leisure unveils new EP 'Easy FM' with the effortlessly uplifting 'The Opener'

Credit: Ash Cooke

Oxford's Premium Leisure today rounds off a run of stellar single releases with the drop of new EP, 'Easy FM' via Peckham label Plum Cuts.

Created alongside an all star team including Mike Monaghan, Harry Deacon (Palace, Razorlight), Ash Cooke (Be Good), Casper Miles & Jack Kendrew (PETSEMATARY) and Willie J Healey; the four tracks make for delightfully uplifting listening.

With the EP comes new single 'The Opener' - a loosely flowing, effortlessly fun and infectious number destined written as a thank you to those who have encouraged Barker over the years, as he explains: "It's a recognition of the good fortune of being able to broaden our horizons and discovering things that can also act as therapies during challenging times."