Quinn Christopherson has released a new EP, 'I Am Bubblegum'

Credit: Emma Sheffer

With preparation for his eagerly awaited debut album well under way, rising star Quinn Christopherson has shared his new EP 'I Am Bubblegum' via Play It Again Sam.

The EP is all about “good intentions” according to Quinn. “each work comes from different pieces of my perspective. 25 years presenting as a woman, learning to be a musician in Alaska, and my indigeneity really drive how I reflect and write. I am really proud of the three songs. Together I feel like they are honest, vulnerable and sarcastic - all things that I am. it’s a fair representation of me.”

With the EP comes 'Loaded Gun', a love letter to Quinn's younger self. "I wrote this thinking I’d never get to play music out of Alaska. So much so that I almost talk myself out of it in the bridge of the song. ‘What if I go & it’s all the same, a bar in a town that won’t remember my name, rhubarb pie to remind me of home, you’ll never make it on your own.’ I was trying to protect myself in case I never got to go. I feel so proud when I get to sing this song away from home because it proves me wrong as the narrator. And I really wanted to be wrong,”