RAE - Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt

Hailing from Leeds, the thunderous four-piece RAE have just released their debut single Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt.

Combining a powerful and sensuous sound with an edge of teenage angst is a fitting description of their debut single. Powerhouse vocals from lead vocalist Jess Huxham create a dynamic and strident aura.

Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt is deeply embedded with exasperation and temper, evident through the forceful drums and explosive guitar riffs. The riffs are grungy, but the sound has a smooth, professional sheen with enraged overlaid vocals.

Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt is filled with explosive outpourings, it’s a tumultuous ride through exasperated emotions and untethered aggression.

Having gained a large following in such a short period and a feature of their newest single in Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds Rock’ playlist, RAE are definitely worth the listen.