Rhythm Lab Records pair up Sutty & Migixhi for latest giRLs initiative release 'Daisy Chains'

Manchester's Rhythm Lab Records have released the second release as part of their 'giRLs' series - an initiative created on last year's International Women's Day in collaboration with Reform Radio, Arts Council England and Youth Music in order to facilitate release-ready collaborations between up and coming, northern female artists who have never

met before.

This time around, new duo Sutty and Migixhi have created a hazy, R&B infused single in the form of 'Daisy Chain' – a dream-like number centred around lo-fi drum pads and enchanting swirling melody of which Sutty says: “That lovely descending melody you put in that sounds like a music box, Migixhi, I knew I had to write to that. It made me think of when we were playing as kids we’d make daisy chains for fun and they’d be so pretty, but also so flimsy. That sound really reminded me of that.”

Speaking on how needing to prove herself in the industry has affected her relationship with her music, she explains: “That attitude in the industry can definitely give us drive. You want to prove them wrong and show them that music is a viable career. It’s affected me in the way that I really push myself in music everyday, because otherwise there’s this perception that you only do this as a hobby.”

Migixhi too has experienced the pressure, as she adds - “It has affected me, I want to prove them wrong and have them watch me climb up but I try not to give them too much space in my head either because it can be detrimental to my creativity and even my mental health. It can take a toll on you big time if you’re not careful.”