Riscas - Cool To Chill With

Having carved out a niche for themselves as a talented indie-pop band, Riscas’ latest single shows the group stretching their talents and finding new sonic plains to play in. While previous releases like Panic Like Tom and Calypso have shown a knack for jangly Smithsian tunes and bright, day-glo tropical tunes ala Friendly Fires, their latest, Cool To Chill With opts for a laidback, soulful groove.

Gliding in on a smooth wave of guitar lines and plinky piano notes, the single instantly lulls you into a cool, relaxed vibe that goes perfect with a cold drink on a sunny day. The melodies swoon through over singer George Maycock’s laconic vocals.

The overall production is where this single really shines though, and highlights how Riscas are growing as musicians. The jazz inflections found throughout the single, like the brassy horns that pipe through on the chorus and the light brushes on the drums, add to the summer feel and mark the track as something special from the usual indie sound. Given his recent passing, it’s not hard to think of his classic Lovely Day when hearing Cool To Chill With. The harmonised vocals add a splash of 50s groups like the Everly Brothers, adding to the track’s wide array of musical touchstones.

Cool To Chill With is a great step forward for Riscas, highlighting that though they’ve got a successful and fun formula already worked out for them, they’re not afraid to venture into new territories to find something just as engaging.