Sam Wilde - Time Will Tell

It’s safe to say the North of England never fails to produce top tier musicians across all genres of the industry, and Sam Wilde is just another example of this. His latest single Time Will Tell solidifies Wilde as more than just a one-trick pony. It seems like with any article at the moment, the lockdown is an apparent theme throughout when talking about a new release, but for Sam in particular, it’s allowed him to branch out and explore his song writing abilities showcasing a different, more mellow sound with Time Will Tell.

Channelling both excitement and anxieties about new relationships, Time Will Tell seemed to blossom throughout isolation with everything being recorded from home. Despite all this, the track resonates a crisp, studio sound with dreamy guitars which compliment the heavy, yet subtle drums. A steady build up at the start of the song leads the listener to a powerful chorus in which you’d struggle to not sing along, even on your hundredth time of listening. Sam’s vocals perfectly match both the pace and message behind the song, showcasing a perfect musical representation of the sentiment which Wilde clearly tries to convey throughout this blissful indie anthem.

Even though this single is a stretch from previous releases such as On The Run and In Your Head, the efforts made by Sam to turn the negative times everyone’s experiencing at the moment into something positive, couldn’t have been done any better. Time Will Tell is a perfect example of how music is able to bring a smile to your face, joy to your ears and lift your spirits no matter what mood you’re in.

Whether Sam Wilde is a name you knew before hearing this track or not, time will no doubt tell us that after this track, big things are coming.