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Sammy Copley offers emotion in abundance on piano ballad 'Marsha'

In his new single ‘Marsha’, Sammy Copley offers emotional abundance through an intensely personal piano ballad. Titled after the queer icon Marsha P. Jordan, Copley celebrates the steps towards equality that the LGBTQ+ activists before him fought for, weaving this admiration alongside admissions of his own journey with his identity, which the artist admitted was “...a journey so personal that it felt particularly hard to capture in song.”

“Marsha, named after icon Marsha P. Johnson, is a song that explores the tumultuous mixture of anger and gratitude that comes from honouring the legacy of the trans women of colour that paved the way for LGBTQ+ rights without ever being afforded them themselves,” the artist explains, “it captures the feeling of bittersweet gratitude for the work and life of Marsha P."

Despite the difficulty he may have faced, ‘Marsha’ has emerged as a breathtaking slice of authenticity. By melding elements of the personal and political, Copley creates a ballad that feels universal enough to capture the voice of the queer community, while still staying true to Copely’s unique experience. Light, minimalist piano chords play beneath the artist's soulful confessions, building to a chorus that pays tribute to the tracks namesake, with sincerity that catches the listener upon every listen. It’s an anthem that reminds us that despite our own personal struggles, community remains central to each of our journeys- as only by looking back to the queer incons before us, do we realise the possibilities of our future.