Scarlet Pleasure - Garden

Garden is part one of the Danish band Scarlet Pleasure’s new album. After the previous success of the band’s EPs Limbo and Lagune, Garden is a much-anticipated release for Scarlet Pleasure. With the track SOS being released as a single prior to the album’s release, it gave a taste of the electric sounds to be expected across the soundtrack.

Just seven tracks accompany part one of Garden, but this begs for more to be heard in the proposed part two of the album. The sound of this album is consistent throughout. There are no tracks that particularly differ from the style of the other songs on the album. For listening purposes, this creates a seamless blend of music that shifts flawlessly from one song to the next. It is clear that the band’s sound has matured and evolved in comparison to the release of their first studio album, Youth Is Wasted on the Young, released back in 2014. Although the blended sounds of vocals and instruments is similar, the songs themselves are a different entity with sharper, cleaner lyrics and a more profound individuality.

With the first part of Garden totalling up listening time as just under twenty minutes, it is an easy body of work to get lost in and listen to. Opening with the acoustic melody of Lost that eventually progresses into something a bit heavier that sets the tone for some of the later songs in the soundtrack, it is easy to really hear the lyrics and understand them. SOS was a great choice as the leading single of Garden, complete with a catchy toe-tapping tune that has you bobbing along. Part one of the album in itself is a success for Scarlet Pleasure and truly sets the tone for what we can expect from part two.

Sometimes described under the genre of R&B, other times viewed as funk, soul or pop, it is hard to place a finger entirely on where Scarlet Pleasure may fit in the chart categories, but perhaps that is what makes them such an enjoyable band to listen to. Their sound is unique and cannot be categorised as just one thing. It is easy to imagine their sound being played live at a venue to a variety of audience members.

Hugely popular in Denmark, it will be no surprise to see Scarlet Pleasure climbing the charts and becoming a more popular name elsewhere.