Seatbelts Drop New Single 'Citylines'

Strap yourself in; Liverpool’s finest, Seatbelts, are back. Reminiscent of temperate days in your nearest big city, their cinematic new cut, ‘Citylines’, is a sweet sign of things to expect from their upcoming EP, ‘Welcome Simplicity’.

The track boasts slick guitar lines, tracing the bones of the song like the accomplished outlining of skyscraper filled skylines. The grey tinge of James Maddens’ rainy-day vocals are uplifted by breezy harmonies and shining synths, forcing the track to look obstinately forward to bigger, better times. ‘Citylines’ is about yearning for experience. Yearning for the feeling of space, bathed in nature beyond the realms of a dysfunctional city. The mood of the song is inspired by reading Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath” says Madden, continuing the literary theme of the band’s back catalogue, which saw them explode onto the scene back in 2018 with the ‘Songs for Vonnegut’ EP. Harnessing the fretful wanderlust of so many literary greats and transforming it into something luxurious and free, this is a song to slip inside. It’s the perfect soundtrack for long train journeys, and days out exploring new places.