Seatbelts - Superstardom

Seatbelts, an art-rock/avant-pop quartet channelling their Liverpudlian heritage through their fresh musical direction’s new single, Superstardom, is the band’s first serving of 2020, no doubt paving the way for more additions to their already-impressive music catalogue.

In an age where press releases often carry a huge sense of pomposity, the no-nonsense, straight-talking press release of Seatbelts is truly refreshing; cutting straight to the point and avoiding the temptation to exploit jargon for self-glorification. This concision is reflected in their music: clocking in at under three minutes, Superstardom is short and sweet – carrying a DIY/punk ethos, musically speaking, combined with vocals that toy with the line between polished and raw.

As such, the quartet are well placed to do extremely well, fans of the renowned Courtney Barnett are likely to have found their new favourite band.