SEB's hazy lo-fi pop shines bright on 'seaside_demo'

Undoubtedly one of this year's strongest breakthrough artists – LA-based newcomer SEB's latest release, 'seaside_demo' is a self-produced slice of lo-fi bliss.

By no means a TikTok artist, but likely one you would have heard via a trending mash-up with Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar', 'seaside_demo' shows exactly why SEB is becoming a must know name amongst tastemakers and fans alike.

An immediately comforting sense of nostalgia sets in upon hitting play with twinkling synths transporting the listener to a sun-soaked, carefree environment led by SEB's free-flowing, hazy lyricism effortlessly repeating in the mind for hours to come. Entirely self produced by SEB in his bedroom, it offers an enticing introduction to a forthcoming debut EP and SEB's entire world of intimate, yet uplifting pop.

“One of the main things that helped me, when I first started to experience major anxiety, was looking forward to catching the sunsets,” he tells. “I remember how madly in love and comforted I was with all the colors and so I knew that’s how I wanted my music to sound.”

“I literally want people to hear me and all my flaws, for better or for worse, I want to bring them to my special place in hopes they find some comfort there too.”