SEB shares new single 'Coney Island'

Credit: Shy Louise

Entirely self-written, recorded and produced - LA-bedroom pop producer SEB solidifies his name as one of 2021's most exciting newcomers, with his latest single, 'Coney Island'.

In keeping with March's 'THEY DON'T LIKE ME', the track finds SEB as fresh as he is familiar; yet still hard to define. In his own exploration of his deepest insecurities and vulnerabilities, he creates a hazily nostalgic soundscape fuelled by enigmatic electronica and blissed-out dream-pop guitars – craftily using his boundless talent as a soothing front for his personal truths.

“I used ‘Coney Island’ as a way to disguise some of my darkest truths,” he explains. “Sonically it gives off a summery nostalgic sound but that’s used to mask my lyrics where I’m exploring my mental health struggles and everything that comes with that.”

Growing stronger with each release, SEB joins a new-era of popstars redefining both themselves and the genre – effortlessly lifting himself up the ranks with both his work ethic and ever evolving list of sonic talents.