Shai Brides - Vitamins

Aiming to broaden their synth-punk sound, Birmingham quintet Shai Brides follow up their acclaimed single Honeydew with the new, electronica tinged cut Vitamins.

Various layered textures running throughout Vitamins make for a curious listen, with pulsating synth lines tackling the ears at all angles and chanted duel vocals creating a bit of an in-your-face feel. The band’s sound continues to evolve around the “technological chaos” which inspired their formation, and Vitamins signals that they’re very much on the way to finding themselves.

Lead singer Thom Dent elaborates, “Vitamins comes from somewhere very strange. It’s a song about time passing and about life passing you by, so the idea was to make something woozy and psychedelic, but built around a groove that’s always pushing you forwards. You’re listening to lyrics telling you to ‘say nothing’ and float through life, but at the same time those words are being shouted at you, while a massive bassline is making your hips shake. It’s a sleepy floorfiller, a song built for 3am on a dancefloor when you’re trying to keep your eyes open”.