SINGLE RUIN delivers snarling art-pop single 'Careful Now'

Credit: Ian Coulson

SINGLE RUIN’s latest release does not waste time creating a brooding atmosphere. ‘Careful Now’ is an art-pop track that delivers a snarling, sense of spookiness, as he delves into the danger that comes with intimate relationships, and the consequences that can come as a result. The title warns you of this sense of uneasiness, and yet, through melding elements of electronics and pop creates a hook so addictive you can’t help but listen.

The track's simple makeup serves it well, beginning with a distorted, jumping synth sample and the singer’s isolated vocals. The minimalism makes the emotions of the track jump straight to the centre, as he asks the listener a direct, cutting question; ‘Do you care?’ It’s impact does not come lightly, adding an extra layer of depth to the gritty soundscape.

When speaking of the track, they described it as “...about asking someone seemingly close to you if they care about you at all.” ‘Careful Now’ will be the first track on SINGLE RUIN’s upcoming EP which is set to release in July, and offer more of their experimental endeavours.