Sizzy Rocket - Rollerskating

Independent and non-partisan rocker, Sizzy Rocket's new release Rollerskating embodies a much more mellow and gentle ambiance.

Gallantly known as a feminist-icon within the music scene due to her self-reliant and more DIY approach to acclaiming fame, Sizzy Rocket is doubtlessly an exhilarating woman. From building her own independent record label to designing and packaging her own merch, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Known for her acrimony filled releases, Rollerskating peels back the layers with an abundantly more nonchalant single. The bare-faced melancholy, yet nostalgic lyrics intertwine perfectly with the clean, uncomplicated backbeat.

Rollerskating has a feeling of the relief that comes after crying. It takes a moment to sit in sorrow, to feel every inch of it, only to find it washed away by hope and gratitude.

Whilst lyrically, it is a portrayal of insecurity and pain, sonically it is a bright, glistening piece of pop magic.