Skylights - The Crescent, York

The jovial, insouciant York-based Skylights owned the stage in York last week; filling a sold-out The Crescent with a nonchalant and nostalgic performance with support from local northern scintillating rockers Sounds Like A Storm and coming local indie four-piece Mad Leisure.

With the venue haltingly filling up with an array of bald heads, blue jeans and vintage trainers, Mad Leisure were set to play their exuberant and hook-heavy performance. Having only released their first single Upside Down just under a year ago, there was no telling that they haven’t long been a band. The four young lads put on a compelling act with bodacious choruses and intricate guitar riffs. A cover of Your Girlfriend by Blossoms was played which certainly kept the crowd in a content mood. Much like the headline act, there was no hiding that the self-assured young musicians have been heavily influenced by the 90’s indie-pop culture, although cleverly taking their own twist on this genre rather than reproducing the same songs that have already made a surge in fame.

As the crowd expeditiously started entering the venue, four youthful virtuosos waltzed on stage and started their set with tremendous intensity that had the whole audience instantly captivated. Sounds Like a Storm brought stage presence with them that was suited for a large arena, passion and confidence pursued. With drums that could make any earthquake erupt, and sensationally convoluted guitar riffs, they are a masterpiece of sound. Their looks modern, but with an 80’s edge, featuring a splash of leather and modish guitar straps. With Corker played last, one of their newest releases, every face watching the four-piece were hypnotised. Corker featured an instrumental middle eight upon which every member of the alternative consort executed with such skill and dynamism. Despite only being together for roughly three years, their devotion, integrity and excellence is definitely worth watching.

There was soon to be a packed out crowd of middle-aged football fans hastily waiting in anticipation for the proficient performance that was soon to occur. After a cursory fifteen-minute changeover, Skylights sauntered into the centre and started to play their highly anciticpated set. With eruptions of cheers and pints raised, they were affirmatively welcomed with open arms. The band were in a multitude of 90’s windbreakers and seemingly a display of short trims which is largely seen as the epitome of nineties indie bands. All instruments were clearly in perfect synchronicity, echoing guitars and snarling vocals that are powerful, but also versatile enough to sing softer acoustic ballads. Their laid back and jaunty attitude were palpable, arguably this made the whole atmosphere within the venue also much more carefree and easy-going. 2019 single, Lifeline brought a large amount of echoing response regarding the lyrics from the crowd. The track featured your classic distorted guitar and compelling vocals, the chorus being incredibly memorable, making it vastly easier for fans to sing along.

Skylights played an extra-ordinary set that was met with a massive round of applause and a demand for an encore.