Slide - Waiting

Swedish genre-twisting duo Slide step up the pace with Waiting, their second offering of new music since the release of their debut EP back in 2019.

Waiting paves the way for Stockholm based Albin And Simon’s forthcoming new EP, nonchalantly highlighting their knack for fusing multiple genres in their very own slick and vibrant way. While bouncy production gives a nod to the likes of Dominic Fike and Omar Apollo, hip-hop influenced beat and tender vocals take Waiting to another level and lends a hand in appealing to a whole variety of music tastes.

Speaking on the track, the duo explain “‘Waiting’ is about a lot of things. I think it was just a reflection on everything going through my mind at the time like love, life, death, success, failure and even global warming in some regard. I realised I was really scared about the future and the only thing that made me calm was talking about these things with my girlfriend and how love is kind of this eternal larger than life thing you know?”.