Slow Pulp - Idaho

Chicago based indie quartet Slow Pulp have battled more than just the average challenges faced by bands in today’s industry, and Idaho, the first release from their debut album, just shows the type of music their resilience can create. The lead single from the forthcoming album Moveys is the first glimpse into what marks a turning point for the four-piece, after finding a way to break their old habits through exploring less traditional approaches to making music, with the result not only seeing them grow as musicians but also as friends.

Despite all their tracks being put together in isolation, Slow Pulp manage to do everything but isolate the listener, with a thoughtful expression about acceptance and health being the inspiration for the third track on the upcoming album. Soft, yet punchy guitar riffs are present all the way through, creating an almost late-night road trip feel when listening. This feeling perfectly replicates the inception of the track, after being born during a writing session when last on the road. The psychedelic melodies perfectly compliment the powerful vocals from lead singer Emily Massey, taking the track into the realms of an almost perfect indie-pop ballad.

Slow Pulp have faced their fair share of hurdles over the past few years, not made any easier by the onset of a global pandemic. Yet, against all odds, the efforts made by the band to deliver a piece emotionally direct music came to full fruition with their release of Idaho. It might only be the first track from their long-awaited debut album, but if this release is anything to go by, it’d be wrong of us to be anything other than eager with anticipation for what’s next to come from Slow Pulp.