Smoothboi Ezra explores the struggles of maturity on 'Stuck'

Credit: Leon McCulloughl

Smoothboi Ezra’s delicate bedroom-produced bops have always been compelling and bursting with emotional sensitivity. 19 years old and raised in a quiet Irish coastal town, Ezra’s sound feels reflective of their sleepy but alluring surroundings, revived with a youthful glow.

The title track from their upcoming EP, ‘Stuck’ is no exception — a charming but bittersweet tune that deftly acknowledges the feelings involved in the breakdown of a relationship. Mutual, but painful, they write about the struggle felt with distinct maturity. Set over a gently expanding instrumental comprising plucky guitars and smooth harmony, lines like “I love you but I know that you feel stuck” harbour the intensity of the sensations involved. ‘Stuck’ is emotionally accessible as a relatable break-up track, but Smoothboi Ezra’s experiences as a non-binary, autistic adult allow for deeper relatability in a population so often underrepresented in music.

The ‘Stuck’ EP will be available to stream and purchase on June 11th.