Sounds Like A Storm Release New Single 'Make It Better'

Gritty vocals paired with a venomous delivery and confrontational attitude, this is the Leeds-based alternative-rock quartet, Sounds Like A Storm, that many already know and love. ‘Make It Better’ is the new single from the fast-rising band, signalling their return to the studio as their first release of the year: if this song is anything to go by, then they’ve hit the ground running and look set to pick up from where they left off. Combine this on-record energy with the ferocious live sets that they’ve become known for, and Sounds Like A Storm will quickly reaffirm why they’re ones to be watching. A remarkably strong song that lays a solid foundation for, what we expect will be, a meteoric ascent.

SLAS describe the single in their own words, as provided by frontman Sennen Ludman: The juxtapositions bounce in and out throughout the song, this feeling of isolation and loneliness felt unusual at the time, but now for everyone in the world through the pandemic has become almost second nature… The song is set to deliver hope, things will get better, they may not be the same as before but they will get better.”.