Sounds Like A Storm - Try and Entertain Me

Exasperated and revolutionising rockers Sounds Like A Storm have released their latest enraged demo Try and Entertain Me.

The demo itself epitomises Sounds Like A Storms’ very aura, deep-rooted outrage, a voice for the youth of today. With the band describing Try and Entertain Me as a “punk-rock anthem - channelling anger and frustration from the current climate of the world.” Undoubtedly showcasing the bands’ openly displayed rage and passion.

Despite their newest release being a demo, this has not limited the band in illustrating their musical capability and talent for deep lyricism. The lyrics are fiery commands signalling for change, passionately sung. Orders said loud and clear, making them impossible to ignore.

Try and Entertain Me is jammed with both heavy riffs and intense drums, only adding to the demo’s energetic character. A release made for playing on full blast through your headphones while walking down the street, making you feel like one hell of a badass.

With an evolving and unfolding presence within the music scene, Sounds Like A Storm are showing that they have no intention of slowing down. Their novel and infuriated take on modern indie-rock has made the northern four-piece a force to be reckoned with.