Spang Sisters release nonchalant new number 'Thank You, Will Shortz'

Spang Sisters pay tribute to The New York Times’ crossword editor with their quietly confident new single, ‘Thank You, Will Shortz’.

The track swells with rich, honey pot vocals and nonchalant guitar licks, all kept in line with the constant ticking of the drums. It is understated and minimalist, understanding that with songs this good, they don’t need to shout to be heard. Midway through, it begins to dissipate, breaking down into a sweetly expansive instrumental vignette, toying with extra-terrestrial chimes and cinematic tones. Then their candid, carefree refrain jumps back in for an encore performance, cementing their poised, serene attitude.

The track revels in the mundanity of simple life routines, the everyday activities which keep us tethered to the ground and prevent us from coming loose. “I thought it fit to pen [Will Shortz] an ode in a time where sacred rituals were valued more than ever,” the duo explain. “The banality of this quotidian sacrament is a mere conduit for self-reflection. Will Shortz is yet another canvas onto which we can construct a self-portrait.”

We’re sure Will will be pretty chuffed with the ode.