Spang Sisters Release Silky New Single 'Jenny'

London duo Spang Sisters return today with their latest single 'Jenny', a silky smooth song leaving you longing for more.

What the two have shown time and again is an effortless ability to create carefree songs. It takes real talent to have studio recordings sound like impromptu jam sessions, and ‘Jenny’ is no exception.

The track showcases the duo’s love of 70s Motown flavours, whilst utilising a pop vocal swing and the guitar licks of swampy blues-rock. A longtime staple in Spang Sisters’ raucous live shows, the song is inspired by a girl who was born into the musical elite and relished her place there.

Its buttery vocals melt into the instrumentals across the verse, but as it hits the chorus there’s instantly an edge. You can’t tell if he’s wailing or singing, but either way you’re here for it because his voice is just so enticing.

‘Jenny’ is another song they have as proof their upcoming album will be making an impressive landing. Keep an eye on the pair when their album drops in May.