SPINN Team Up With Yumi Zouma's Christie Simpson For New Single 'Billie'

Photo Credit: Sam Crowston

Returning just in time for a jangle-pop fuelled spring, Liverpool's finest indie-pop export of recent years, SPINN have teamed up with Christie Simpson (Yumi Zouma) for their first release of 2021, 'Billie'.

“Christie and I met by accident really, but it turned out there was a mutual appreciation for each others bands; then by even more good fortune, she had just moved to the UK from New Zealand so we felt the stars had aligned to collaborate on the song” tells frontman Johnny Quinn.

The new cut retains all of the things we've come to love from SPINN, proper infectious, singalong indie-pop loaded with psychedelia tinged guitars and stupidly danceable rhythms. 'Billie' however, displays a new air of growth and development both sonically and lyrically.

The track finds frontman Johnny Quinn reflecting on the constant pressure inflicted on modern day relationships, something which we've no doubt felt double during a year of forced social media based communication. Johnny elaborates: "With social media there is a lot of pressure on us and our relationships to be ideal; but obviously neither of these things are perfect - that’s what Billie is about. It’s somebody who is reflecting on a relationship that’s ended and realising that it wasn’t perfect and nor are they. They’re coming to an understanding that no matter how hard we try, our lives don’t always work out the way we plan. There’s a good life lesson in there, somewhere."

'Billie' is a sign of fantastic things for SPINN, and with a flow of new material promised for the year 2021 may just be the year they truly flourish.