Split The Dealer - Harmony

Slick production, phenomenal vocals and funk-esque guitar lines makes Harmony an utterly sublime fourth single from Split The Dealer.

Luring the listener in with smooth, characterful vocals, Split The Dealer quickly introduces layers of instrumentation to drive the song, turning it into bona fide indie gem; a song of this calibre can be difficult to discover these days – save this in your playlists for a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Self-described as “walking the wire between 90s influence and modern pop” we find ourselves in agreement. There is subtle retro feel present throughout Harmony, with nods to hip-hop influences evidenced by the middle-verse; there is a remarkable amount of variation within these three-and-a-half minutes – the amount of musical creativity is astonishing and makes this a truly amazing listening experience, keeping our ears hooked, wondering what is coming next from start to finish.

We could spend more time writing accolades, and you could continue reading our positive praise, but the best thing to do is listen to the song and come to your own conclusions. We’ll be surprised if you don’t find your foot tapping along soon after pressing play.