Springfield - Liquorice

With razor sharp guitar riffs, piercing synths and immaculate production, Springfield have only taken two singles to find their sound and continue to build on it. Reminiscent of late 2000s/early 2010s indie dance bands like Spector and Mystery Jets, the band have crafted wonderful slices of pop power. Their latest single Liquorice is no different, and would make the perfect addition to any festival lineup (remember festivals, guys? Or just going outside at all? Man, those where the days).

The single couldn’t have been given a more appropriate name; it’s a quick sugar rush of jagged riffs, sickly sweet synths and a propulsive pace that’s guaranteed to give you the adrenaline fix you need, and all under three minutes no less.

Singer Lewis Pritchard enhances the whole package with swaggering, bratty vocals that the likes of John Lyndon and Liam Gallagher would be proud of, with lyrics detailing the relatable feelings of wanting someone you can’t have. The track builds and builds until reaching the perfect breakdown point, before returning for one final blast of clattering instrumentation.

In short, if you’re looking for something that will add to the festival experience you’re imagining in your head while watching reruns of the office, Liquorice will do just the trick.